Stomping Grounds Video With Ashley & Kailey.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sometimes we get emails that make us stop everything and watch a video link. Glad we did this morning. Nice seeing little one's Ashley & Kailey having so much fun and ripping it up in Tahoe.

Ashley was the USASA 2014 Halfpipe National champ and Kailey was the USASA 2013 Halfpipe, slope, GS, BoarderX and overall national champ. They live in Hawaii and against all odds they just arrived in Tahoe for the 2nd half of the season to go out and have as much fun as humanly possible. Their 3 year old snowboarding baby sister was just diagnosed with Leukemia and won't be able to make it from Hawaii to the snow this season. So, they are riding for her.

Much love to the whole Boagrt family.  xx

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