Vans Girls Combi Contest Is Tomorrow!

Friday, January 16, 2015

One of THE best days of the year in girls skateboarding is almost here! Yep, tomorrow is the Vans Girls Combi Contest.  Girls come from all over the USA and abroad for this event and it's so nice to see them all together in one place doing what they love.

Practice has been going on all week and the girls are relentless in nailing down their hardest tricks and getting insane height - that's Alana Smith above showing how it's done.  Poppy Starr Olsen had a bad fall last night that required eight stitches, but being the trooper she is, we heard she will be back at it and ready for Saturday's competition - she didn't fly here all the way from Australian to sit in some hospital bed! Jordyn Barratt is looking smooth and more than ready to shred and Julz Lynn, Bryce Wettstein and Bella Kenworthy all look relaxed and ready to take combi by storm. So many  girls have been there practicing for the past week - it's going to be GREAT!

Huge thanks to Vans and World Cup Skateboarding for all you do to put this contest on for the girls!

We will be instagraming and tweeting LIVE - so follow us on instagram at @girlisnota4letterword for pics of the girls competing, practicing and some candids!

Its a GREAT day for women's skateboarding!!

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