Vans Girls Combi Contest Was Insane!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Jordan Barratt
Brighton Zeuner
Amelia Brodka
Poppy Starr Olsen
Alana Smith
Bryce Wettstein, Brighton Zeuner and Bella Kenworthy
Lizzie Armanto
Allysha Bergado
Julz Lynn, Allysha Bergado, Alana Smith, Lizzie Armanto, Arianna Carmona, Nicole Hause
 All Photos Dan Spargana 

2015 got off to a great start with the Vans Girls Combi Contest on Saturday. So many girls competing in every age division and the pro division was chock full of great skaters as well.  Nice to see some new faces in the game like Autumn Tust from Florida, Cassie Oseguera from Northern California, and some other awesome girls who have skated for years, and are now coming out for these rad contests. We also got to witness Bella Kenworthy from The Pink Helmet Posse competing in her first big event.

We are honored to have these photographs from photographer Dan Sparagna here on the GN4LW site today - if you'd like to order a print of anything you see here, or check out Dan's shots from past skate events, please jump over to his site HERE.  The order page to view prices and sizes available is HERE. You can also see even more of Dan's shots from the event later today on the World Cup Skateboarding Site!

We will be bringing you photos from the Vans Girls Combi Contest throughout the week and including links to other sites where you can see even more coverage, so stay tuned!

Huge thanks to Kristy & Steve Van Doren from Vans, Don and Danielle Bostick from WCS, Dave Duncan for being a fun and great MC, & all the awesome judges,  for making this contest a reality for the girls.

It was great to see so many people out there supporting women's skateboarding!


Pro Division

1. Alana Smith
2. Lizzie Armanto
3. Allysha Bergado
4. Julz Lynn
5. Arianna Carmona
6. Nicole Hause
7. Kisa Nakamura
8. Amelia Brodka
9. Sarah Thompson
10. Beverly Flood
11. Hunter Long
12. Pauline Branom
13. Izy Mutu
14. Jean Rusen
15. Julie Westfall

Amateur Girls 15 And Over:

1. Poppy Starr Olsen
2. Jordyn Barratt
3. Autumn Tust
4. Hannah Chumley
5. Paige LaBare
6.  Nicole Noller
7. Summer Vereecke
8. Alishia Stevens
9. Juliet James
10. Cassie Oseguera
11. Cansas Burns
12. Emma Storm
13. Brittney Conrad

Amateur 14 & Under Girls:

1. Brighton Zeuner
2. Spencer Breaux
3. Minna Stess
4. Bryce Wettstein
5. Bella Kenworthy
6. Michelle Yoon
7. Taryn Ross
8. Zoe Safanda
9. Halle Gonzales
10. Jordan Beal

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