Interview With Olympic Snowboarder Elena Hight.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

 Photographer Vanessa Andrieux
Image via B4BC / Photographer Robert Staley

Some people never stop pushing boundaries, and that is an amazing quality. Elena Hight is one of those types of girls. Elena was the first female snowboarder to land a 900 in competition at age 13. That in itself is a huge milestone, but Elena isn't one to sit back looking at past achievements. She's out there setting the bar higher and higher.  In 2013 Elena went on to become the first person, male or female to land a backside alley-oop rodeo in competition. She is also a 2x Olympian, but besides her amazing achievements on the snow, we love that Elena is also giving back by helping to educate people about living a healthy, active lifestyle through her work with the non-profit Boarding For Breast Cancer.

We had a chance to catch up with Elena while we were working together on a B4BC photo shoot in Manhattan Beach, CA and 13 year old GN4LW team rider Kyra Williams and I asked her some questions for a Who's Rad interview.

Who's Rad?    Pro snowboarder Elena Hight

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Age?     25

 Where is home for you?       Lake Tahoe

How long have you been snowboarding?      19 years

Do you surf or skate as well?

 I love to surf but am still a beginner

Kyra and Elena / Image via B4BC /  Photographer Robert Staley

Where do you like to surf?

My favorite place in the world to surf is at my dads house in Baja.

Can you tell us what a typical day might be like for you during your on season?

 I am early to rise, do some morning yoga and meditation, eat breakfast, snowboard, do a workout or yoga, make dinner, and fall asleep EARLY!

What is your favorite “chill” thing to do?      I love to read.

What’s your fav music of the moment?

 I like a lot of indie music at the moment.

Do you travel to other countries to get snow year round?

Yes I usually visit New Zealand in the summertime.

 Photographer Vanessa Andrieux

Where is your favorite place to go when getting snow in our off season?

 I love New Zealand. It is absolutely amazing.

Your sport is physically demanding - can you tell us what type of training you do to prepare for snow season?

I do a lot of things including yoga, pilates, strength training, running, hiking, and some biking… pretty much anything outside!

What do you do to cross train? 

I try to surf as much as possible and I have recently gotten into mountain biking.

Photographer Meg Hayward Sullivan

Do you see the benefits of that as opposed to just snowboarding as your training?

Cross training is always beneficial, because you are basically mimicking similar tendencies but in a different sport so it challenges you in a way that can be related back to a snowboard.

Do you ever do trampoline training for practicing aerial maneuvers?


Were you home schooled or did you attend a regular high school?

 I was home schooled all through high school. 😊

How did that work with comp & training demands?  

I started traveling to compete at a very young age, 13. So it was impossible for me to attend regular school. The rule was I had to keep A’s or I was back in school!

You also went to college while being a pro snowboarder, and got your degree – was it hard to balance both?

I also completed my degree online. It was something that took energy but it was rewarding to be able to do both.

Image via B4BC / Photographer Robert Staley

 How did you get involved with B4BC & what is important to you about being a B4BC athlete?

I got involved with B4BC through Volcom. I think that they do an amazing job of spreading awareness of living a healthy, active lifestyle which is something that I am passionate about.

Image via B4BC / Photographer Robert Staley

We heard you like to cook & your recipes are on the B4BC site – what are some of your favorite things to make?

I love to cook Thai food.

Photographer Meg Hayward Sullivan

Do you prefer competitions or free riding & filming?

I just love to snowboard, so it is nice to have a mixture of everything within my career.

You were featured in the ESPN’s 2013 Body Issue – and you looked amazing – how was that experience for you since you are usually a bit more bundled up in your sport? 

It was definitely different, but very empowering! Something that I never imagined that I would do but was extremely grateful to have done it afterward. Really crazy experience.

Image via B4BC  / Photographer: Robert Staley

Any advice for young girls who want to follow in your footsteps?

Just enjoy the ride! If you are passionate that passion will continue to shine through and help take you anywhere!

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Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I am left handed
2. I can’t whistle
3. I always hit snooze 😊

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Last “Words of Wisdom” for young girls ?  

 GO out and have some fun!

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