Who's That Girl In The Playtex Sport Skate Ad?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

 Photo: John Huet

We are stoked to say that it's Aussie girl and rad skater Nikki-Rose Quinlan in the new Playtex ads and commercial!

Love how it shows her bailing a bunch of times & then she nails the air she is trying - the commercial is done extremely well! 

So many companies are jumping in now to show skateboarding in ads - a spike we haven't seen since the early 1970's - and we are happy they are showcasing female skaters. Remember the telephone commercial with our own legend Patti McGee? She was the first girl skater in a commercial back in the 1960's and paved the way for us girls today. Nice to be seeing more of this happening in 2015.

Congrats Nikki-Rose - you did a fantastic job!!

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