Cover Girl Elena Corrigall - #GirlPower

Monday, April 20, 2015

 Photo of Elena by Jacob Lambert

Hell Yes! It's happening again, more often that it ever used to and we are stoked! There is a female skater on the cover of Concrete Wave Magazine this month, and on top of that great news is that the sole headline is "Elena Carragall gets the balance right".  No other tag lines muddying up the cover, just a pure, awesome shot of Elena speeding down a hill in a tucked position, smiling her butt off, and having fun.

Make sure you grab a copy of Concrete Wave because there are even more girls in this issue - the lovely and rad Valeria Kechichian talks about the new Longboard Girls Crew movie, OPEN, Emma Shoesmith of Board of Media weighs in, there are awesome shots of Lynn Kramer, Rebekka Gemperle, and Pam Diaz sprinkled throughout the magazine and then there is a full length interview with cover girl Elena Carragall.

You don't want to miss reading this issue of Concrete Wave cover to cover! #GirlPower

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