Leticia Bufoni Talks Skateboarding.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Great new video with Nike SB skater Leticia Bufoni and what it was like growing up being a female skateboarder in Brazil and her move to the USA to pursue her dream.


  1. Love this girl! I feel Le will be the game changer in women skateboarding as bringing it to the forefront - with her sponsors plus her drive, authenticity, skills and her approachability it shows! I hope to see one of her major sponsors, NIKE do a special edition SB shoe of hers since she is the ONLY female skater on the Nike SB Team - would love it if Nike do a SB line of clothing as well - and now especially the Rio 2016 games are coming up we will see more of her in the Brazil ads Nike - leading to the 2020 games hopefully where skateboarding will makes it debut!

    1. agreed - SB shoe for women and Leticia behind it needs to happen! :-)


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