Toy Boarders Give-a-Way!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

 Photos: Ian Logan

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word has teamed up with The Original AJ's Toy Boarders to do a rad give-a-way and there will be  THREE winners!

Toy Boarders are little, green, toy soldier like figures, except they promote fun things like skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing - super fun to play with at home, at school or at work.  Ok, maybe not at school, unless you can do it with out getting caught... but you didn't hear that from us.

One of our favorite things about Toy Boarders is that The Skate Series 2, Snowboard Series 1 and Surf Series 1 all have female figures included in each package.  Check out each of the girls ripping above!

So how do you enter to win a package of Toy Boarders?

Just leave us a comment below along with your email address & tell us which set of Toy Boarders, skate, surf or snow,  you'd like to be eligible to win. 

It's that easy. 

Other boring (but important) info: 

* Contest ends Thursday, April 9th at midnight PST 

* 3 winners will be chosen and each will receive either a set of skate, surf or snow Toy Boarders.

* Winners will be contacted at email address left on their comment & you have 1 week to respond with your address so we can ship your Toy Boarders out. 

* Toy Boarders will be shipped directly from manufacturer.

* Give-a-way is open to US residents only (sorry!)

* One winner per household


  1. I so want one of the skateboarders for my desk at work! My email is !!! I tried to post this before but I don't think it worked!

  2. Omg! So stoked to see they came out with girl toy boarders!!! I have so many girl boarders I need to share these with! I need these :)

    1. yeah! Glad you entered - aren't they great? Good luck!

  3. I Think Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word Is Awesome!!!!

    I would love any of these!! You're my idol Cindy! I'm gonna be a pro skater and journalist 😜✊

  5. Surf + skate is hard to choose but I'm going surf .
    So Rad !!
    Thanks for the contest :)
    My kiddos we be stoked !!!

  6. Using boards to break the borders of the stereotype that girls can't skate!
    Love the Toy Boarders! Way to go Cindy!
    The surfing and skating ones are great

  7. These are amazing! My kiddo would love anyone of these, but I think she would really love the skateboarding one since she has taken up skating :)

  8. Love these! Thank you #girlisnota4letterword and AJ's Toy Boarders for always redefining women in action sports, one step at a time. Shred and destroy forever!

  9. I would LOVE the skateboarding one! These are so sick! I love your website and posts, truly inspiring! My e-mail address is .. Thanks so much! �� Anela

  10. My daughter would love these she enjoys watching girls like her get rad thank you skateboard set please

  11. Oh wow! This is awesome. I'd love the skate or snow toy boarders :D thank you

  12. Love these toy boarders! I'd setup the skaters and photograph the set.

  13. Sk8 boarders please. I'm just gonna play with them! #Skatedchick thanks
    Moms email

  14. Ahhh I want these so bad. I'm 16 and I still want them haha
    Love skateboarding and everything that comes with it

  15. I'm a snowboarder looking to learn to skate this summer. Love what you guys at GINA4LW stand for. My e-mail is I'd like to win the snow figures.
    Keep doing badass things! Girls rule :)

  16. I'm 18, and I'd still love to have these mini figures on my desk hahaha. I'd like to be entered to win the skate figures.

  17. I can't choose! Skateboarders or snowboarders! My twin sisters and I could have so much fun with these!

  18. I want the regular foot surf chick with her arm raised shouting HOLA…busting out of the right hander burly sea shell…ahhh the life of a toy board rider :)

  19. I want the steezy looking surfer set! Theyre soo rad and would make for some awesome instagram pics!

    Forgot to leave my email address.
    Love the girl skateboarders!


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