The 2015 Vans Pool Party.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bennett Harada
Josh Nelson
Tom Schaar
Ivan Federico
Sandro Dias
Darren Navarrette
Eddie Elguera
Jim Gray
Duane Peters
Steve Alba
Christian Hosoi
Asher Bradshaw
Poppy Starr Olsen
Brighton Zeuner

All  Photos: Ian Logan
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 What a great end to a terrific week. First the Skateboarding Hall of Fame on Thursday night (a post with pics on that awesome evening later this week!) where Steve Van Doren was honored with an Icon Award - yes!!  Then the 2015 Vans Pool Party on Sunday where we got to witness some amazing skateboarding. It wasn't just the pro skaters who were killing it, the masters & legends divisions were some of the most impressive group of skaters to date.

One of my favorite new additions to the Vans Pool Party is the half time show. This year the demo included Vans' Girls Combi Winners - 15 year old Poppy Starr Olsen and 10 year old Brighton Zeuner, eleven year old phenom Asher Bradshaw, and one of my favorite skaters, Mike Rogers from Grind for Life .Vans also presented Mike with a check for $1,000 for his foundation which helps educate, inspire, and also offers financial assistance, for those dealing with cancer and their families.

Many thanks to Steve Van Doren, Kristy Van Doren, Kathy Miranda and crew, Dave Duncan, Bryce Kanights and all the judges, as well as Don & Danielle Bostick  for all their hard work in putting on such an awesome and well run event!

Results Are As Follows:


1st Tom Schaar
2nd Chris Russell
3rd Pedro Barros


1st Chris Miller
2nd Steve Caballero
3rd Eric Nash


1st Bruno Passos
2nd Stephen Revord
3rd Darren Navarette

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