Go Skate Day At Venice Skatepark!

Monday, June 8, 2015

 via Marie Claire Magazine

Even fashion magazines like Marie Claire are talking about  GO SKATEBOARDING DAY.  We know that everyday should always involve skateboarding, but on June 21 people take to the streets, parks, and anywhere else they can, to hang out with friends, skate,  have fun, and show their support for skateboarding.

Venice Skatepark will be the place to be on Sunday, June 21 so come on out and join us!  The event starts at 10 AM with a street contest - and we'd LOVE to see some girls entered!

The LADIES BOWL DEMO - which is open to ALL female skaters - starts at 1:30 PM 

For more info and to sign up jump on over HERE

Hope to see you there!

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