Wheels Of Fortune Event.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chauntae Schwoegler
Anyone know this rad girl?
Julz Lynn
Jessica Bassett
Sarah Kate
Cassie Oseguera
Brenna Pawley
Minna Stess
Madi Thomas
Chauntae Schwoegler
All photos by Olga Aguilar - Check out her instagram feed and her Tumblr

So great to see what a huge turnout there was for the 6th Annual Wheels of Fortune event  at the All Together Skatepark in Seattle.  It's an event created by Skate like a Girl a non profit organization for girls with the support of volunteers, parents, sponsors, family, and the community.

In addition to being a contest it's a time to make new friends and reconnect with old ones and to have other girl rippers participate from different parts of the country We love that the entire Silly Girl Skate Team showed up to skate & support the event!

This event also aims to empower young girls. Skate Like A Girl strives to build community coalitions with other individuals, groups and organizations that are working to create an inclusive and positive space for all skateboarders.  Something we here at GN4LW fully believe in!

Congrats to all the girls who showed up and to Skate Like a Girl for putting on such a great event!


Pro Division:

1. Julia Brueckler $2000
2. Christiana Smith $1000
3. Vanessa Torres $500
4. Kristin Ebeling
5. Shari White

Intermediate Division:

1. Lexi Briggs (SEA)
2. Brenna Pawley (AZ)
3. Kat Sy (SF)

30+ Division:

1. Marie Baeta (SF)
2. Nicole Noller (CO)
3. Jessie Van Roechoudt (SF)​

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  1. We flew home to book this venue in June last year. Absolutely loved it here and I'll be certainly waiting to go back there for more events. Regardless of the time of your event, you always get the same thing at venues Los Angeles: reasonable drink prices, great decoration, & friendly staff.


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