Congrats Tatiana Weston-Webb - Winner of the Supergirl Pro!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Photos Kurt Steinmetz for ASA

It was a battle right down to the last heat yesterday at the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, but when all was said & done, 19 yr old Tatiana Weston-Webb emerged victorious over last years winner Courtney Conlogue.

Here;s hwo it all qwent down...  Weston-Webb took a quick lead with a 4.33 then trailed Conlogue, who posted a 3.00 and 7.50. She answered back with a 7.87 to Courtney's 6.03 in an exchange. Needing a 5.66, Tatiana put up a 6.60 within the final five minutes to seal the win.

The Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro is the only WSL QS6000 female competition in the continental U.S.  The event will be broadcast on FOX Sports One this fall.

Congrats to all the girls who competed over the last 3 days - the level of surfing we saw was amazing!

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