The Real Girls of Moscow Skateboard.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

 Photos & video by Carlos Serrao

Nike takes it to the streets in Russia with this stunning campaign "Better For It" that expands on the USA version they did awhile back. We absolutely love that they chose to feature female skateboarder (anyone know who she is?)  Kate Shengeliya, as one of the athletes

Check out this building with Kate rocking a kick flip.

It's not skateboarding, but the video of female boxer Kate Izotova is beautiful yet hard to watch with its slow motion punch to her face, but the subtitles kept us glued until the end...

"What are you doing here? "You could have stayed at home, been someone's trophy…. Screw that. I'll earn my own trophy."

The campaign also included GIF's like this one that we now have in our office on repeat. Strong athletic women being proud of who they are. Awesome.

Yeah Nike. You just did it again.

Big shout out and thanks to Hardbody News for telling us about this rad campaign - check out their site for more female athlete inspiration!  


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