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Monday, July 13, 2015

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

- Mother Theresa

Andrea Scheck caused ripples when she created a Facebook group bringing together the ladies of the SheRide for an epic, west coast, road-trip adventure to Maryhill for the all-women, free-ride event. Andrea is a Medici Scholar, which means she is funded through donors in the Medici Circle to work on any personal summer project – unrelated to her schoolwork. The donors approved Andrea’s project to produce a series of photographs documenting female skateboarders – their experiences and emotions – over this unique week of skating, exploring, and progressing.

Andrea explained in her Medici Scholar Project Proposal why she wanted to document female skaters:

“As a female downhill skateboarder myself, it’s rare that I get to skate with other girls. Males’ dominant everything in this sport …to be a girl, who skates, is to be surround by, intimidated by, and influenced by, the males that you skate with…

Rarely do girls feel welcome enough, capable enough, brave enough or confident enough to breach such a male dominated sport. For this project I want to showcase the girls who have done so. I want to capture their passion and their personalities as they create an entirely different atmosphere skating with fellow girls as opposed to the boys they normally skate with.“

The SheRide girls took Andrea’s proposal and ran with it. There are now 10-15 female skateboarders meeting in Los Angeles on August 10, 2015 to skate the West Coast, and Maryhill, together. They will be documenting their travels through both photography and videography to spread stoke for female skateboarding.

The SheRiders believe that more female media is key to women’s progression in skateboarding. They hope the documentary will encourage the growth of female skateboarding, and the creation of female media.

“We just want to add to the female skate media,” said Candice Dungan, female skateboarder and SheRider. “I type ‘girls longboarding’ in Skate Slate TV and get six results – it’s not their fault, there’s just not enough media out there showcasing women skaters.”

Female skateboarders include Daisy Johannes, Possala Wang, and Carly Bizama. A majority of these women will be meeting in Colorado, and road tripping from there. In order to make this a possibility, the ladies of the SheRide need your help in raising $1,000 to be put towards, a rental vehicle, gas, and accommodations.

*The Maryhill event will no longer be women-only, as it will double as a fundraiser for a family who lives on the property - More info HERE.  However, the skate tour and Friday Maryhill freeride are reserved for only women.

You can help support these rad girls via their KICKSTARTER

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  1. If you are a girl longboarder, then you should learn to support other girls for riding longboards. You can start your own crew if you don’t have one in your city.


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