Maryhill Sheride - Part 2

Friday, August 21, 2015

Photos Ian Logan

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Part 2 of 3:

This group of downhill skaters knows how to have fun. Besides run after run of bombing down Maryhill as fast as they can for 3 days straight -  they do runs like a  "dress run" - people ride down Maryhill in dress's (even a lot of the guys do this). A naked run - exactly what it sounds like, shoes, gloves, helmet - that's IT.  For the guys, that seriously takes balls (in some cases literally) although we do have pics of one rad girl - Diane Hiebert - going naked down the hill too. So cool! And you have to remember, road rash is not kind when you have a lot less clothes on, so doing these runs is not something that's easy, or is taken lightly - they are still going FAST.

Nice to see everyone from pro's to newbies (like me) out there having fun, and being welcomed onto this legendary hill where everything goes -  longboards,  rollerblades, drift trikes. and even luge.  This was the most accepting environment in skateboarding I have ever seen.  Really rad!

Best quote of the event:

"I think I got road rash... on my vagina!"

Yep, it was a full on estrogen filled Sheride/Freeride and I am sure the guys who attended were loving every minute of it.

Thank you to the Maryhill Ratz, Dean & Ali and all the skaters who came to skate, hang with good friends, & raise money for the Wolfe family. You are all amazing people!

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  1. That weekend was incredible! By far the best time I've had at a maryhill freeride event and I've been to far too many haha (no such thing as too many) it was me who went naked down with the boys (diane hiebert) which was the best run that weekend! Despite being super sick with a summer cold I was giggling the whole way down! Thanks for showing up cindy! It was a pleasure to meet you!!


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