Ocean Cross Training For Surfers & Skaters.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

  Via Women's Health Magazine   /   Photographer Steven Lippman

Summer isn't over (yet!) and if you live near an ocean, chances are the water is pretty warm right now, so we suggest you hop in and start cross training!

Water provides natural resistance and is easy on your joints. Remember the surf movie BLUE CRUSH? Yep, those surfer girls trained for surfing big waves by running along the floor of the ocean holding a big old rock. The weight of the rock helps keep your body from naturally floating upward, and also provides extra resistance while running.

Another great thing to practice in the ocean is free diving. which helps expand your lungs, so if you do get pounded while surfing big waves you won't run out of air as quickly and having that extra lung capacity will help keep you calm in a stressful situation.

No waves and you just want to get wet? Get on a paddle board and head out to do some yoga. Balancing on your board in the ocean while doing yoga moves is a great way to strengthen your core.

The soft sand at the beach is great for running. But the secret is, the softer the sand the better the resistance, so move away from the hard pack by the waters edge and do a few sprints from lifeguard tower to lifeguard tower for some great toning of your calf's, quads & glutes.  

Bottom line is you skate & surf better when your body is in peak condition, and who wants to be in a stuffy gym when you can be outside enjoying the sun and sea? Not us.

If you do decide to incorporate some ocean training into your routine, make sure you go with a friend and don't do anything beyond your ability, and what you are comfortable with.


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