The Newest Dusters California x GN4LW Boards!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Photos by Ian Logan / Skater GN4LW Team Rider Zoe Benedetto
 Art work on Longboard by Hermosa Beast

Check out the Dusters California website which features all the newest Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word collab boards. The new black GN4LW cruiser and the GN4LW longboard both share proceeds of their profits with Posieden Foundation a non profit dedicated to helping youth get started in action  sports.

We are proud to say that Dusters California matches us dollar for dollar in supporting our non profit partners with each board we do together.

Both boards are in skate shops worldwide NOW!

Don't live near a shop that carries the Dusters x GN4LW board, or it's sold out?  Try ordering on line at the following stores:


Warehouse Skateboards


Board Jive Boardhouse


  1. This is so inspiring! I am a women who designs custom longboards and
    this is just too cool! I am always looking for other women who skate, and I think I hit the jack-pot, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lucy - would love to see and hear more about your designs too! <3

  2. It is true that girls are not just a 4 letters word. if you look through your around, you will see girls are doing several things like boys are doing. They can play with a hoverboard, they can do the study, they can do the job and so much more.


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