Judi Oyama Wins World Championships of Slalom At Age 56!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Huge congrats to Badass Skatemom Judi Oyama!

Judi Oyama tarins hard. In between being a mom, taking care of her family and running her two businesses, Maximum Impact Design, and her newest venture, a clothing line called Badass Skatemom, she finds time to do what she loves - skateboarding. And all that hard work and training paid off.

This weekend at the World Championships of Slalom in Ashton, Kentucky 54 year old Judi Oyama took 1st in all three events she entered, Giant Slalom, hybrid slalom and tight slalom, and brought home her second world championship.  She is now ranked number 2 in the world for masters women with 1,357 point.

Huge congrats Judi - you are exactly what Badass Skatemom stands for!! 

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