Valeria Kechichian TEDx Talk "Ride The Shift".

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

We absolutely LOVE Valeria Kechichian, co-founder of Longboard Girls Crew. Valeria is always inspiring women in skateboarding in so many ways.  So we are stoked to see that her TEDx Talk "Ride The Shift"is now out. We've been waiting since she spoke at TEDx , to hear her inspiring words.

Here is just one small message she shares in her TEDx talk and we think it's a pretty important one:

"They make us think that there are so few spots for women in action sports, in business, in politics or any field that’s male dominated that we had to fiercely fight between each other and compete for those few spots… when the truth was absolutely different all the way… we will only REALLY make it if we stick together"

Congrats Valeria, and thank you for  this important talk and idea, one that 's definitely worth spreading!


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