We Are Giving Away The 4-in-1 Lens From Olloclip!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Photos via Olloclip

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word has teamed up with our rad friends at Olloclip to do a rad give-away of the 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone 6/6 Plus!

And how great is this? There will be TWO WINNERS for this giveaway!

The Olloclip 4-in-1 lens works on both front & rear facing cameras and we love that it clips on and off your iPhone in just seconds, with no extra parts needed.  It also works with all your favorite photo and video apps!

Here's what the TWO winners will receive!

* The new 4-in-1 lens: Four versatile lens options included! Fisheye, wide angle, 10x macro, and a 15x macro.  (retail value $79.99)

3 wearable pendants:  Your Olloclip lens is always at the ready and easy to grab with these wearable pendants. Great for when you're at the skatepark and you want to use that fisheye lens quickly to capture all the action.

* Olloclip iPhone case:  Protects your iPhone and there is no need to remove this case to put your Olloclip lenses on it. It also has rubberized bumpers for maximum control when using. (retail value $29.99)

How to enter?

So simple! Just leave a comment below telling us what you can't wait to shoot with the Olloclip 4-1 lens, along with your email address.

Other important details - please read carefully:

 * Contest open to residents in the USA and Europe only.

* This Olloclip give away is for the 4-in-1 lens and case that works with iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

* Two winners will be chosen

* Contest ends on  September 16 at midnight PST                                           

* We will email the two winners at end of contest - if a winner fails to respond in 72 hours we have the right to chose another lucky person, so be sure to check your email!

* Prizes will be distributed by Olloclip directly.


  1. I can't wait to take the Olloclip and film what I love! Music and extreme sports. I can't wait for people to ask "what're thoosseee" and I'll tell them about girl is not a 4 letter word and how I got it. I'll tell them about the struggle female riders face and how people can join the movement. I can't wait to share what I love most with people everywhere.

  2. The perfect len to shoot my cat skateboarding !

  3. Id love to take this on my skate trip to China this spring and get more video of girl shredders out there. 408isaiah@gmail.com

  4. I'd love to take it with me on my kitesurf-around-the-world trip which I'll start in November 2014. I'd love to film all my adventures and as I'll be travelling alone (which makes it a bit harder to capture everything), this would be the perfect way from me to film and take photos (as I will blog about my journey and will make tooons of photos and videos) I was first thinking of taking a big camera with me but as I'll have very limited space and a lot of luggage already with my kitesurf equipment, this would simply be the best solution :)

    My Email: miriam_tym@hotmail.com
    My current adventures: www.instagram.com/wakeupstoked

  5. This lens is perfect for taking more sweet skate pics (for the insta) and just capturing moments with friends in a more interesting way!!

  6. my son and me skateboarding and him catching waves on his boogie board. queenmermaid@hotmail.com

  7. I am a girl skateboarder and I would love this ollo clip for taking cool pics and videos of me not only skating but snowboarding, surfing, pogo sticking, rip sticking, rollerblading and more. Maybe I will snap a few pictures of my awesome dog rusty who also enjoys skating. I am tired of iPhone quality photos and I finally want some good photos to show off


  8. I would love to win the oprix lenes so i can complete god quest and became a professinal photograph i will use the lens to catch moments and turn them into memorise i will take pictures of nutrue and the oceans i hope to win because i love your commpany and i will spred amazing things about what you guys do u are an inspiration to so many girls to not be scared and let something get in are way 🌐🌊🌍🏄EMAIL: roxygirls321@gmail.cominstagram:salty.hhair 

  9. I would LOVE to win this Olloclip so I can capture my girl groms age 3 and 6 shredding with better quality footage to share with others and document their journey in the girls extreme sports world to help and inspire others to get out there and try it too! =)

  10. Can wait to take my Olloclip to Ocean Beach skatepark and film the spine transfer j hopefully have down by then!!


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  12. I would love to win this give away, because it would make filming skateboarding easier. I really need this win. Please choose me.


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