Duchess Ride - Santa Barbara ---> Tijuana On Skateboards.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

 Duchess Ride is Carissa, Jamie, Carly, & Claire / Photos via their instagram

Their motto is:

 "Worry less about fitting into the glass slipper and more about shattering the glass ceiling"

Meet  more awesome girls in skateboarding that are traveling and skating. This time a rad group of girls from Colorado called DUCHESS RIDE are skating from Santa Barbara to Tijuana to help raise awareness about empowering  girls in board sports.

Today is day 11 for Carissa, Jamie, Carly, & Claire, they are leaving Laguna Beach to start heading to their final destination of Tijuana, Mexico. The end is in sight!

If you see them along their journey, stop, say hi, tell them what they are doing is beyond RAD, and ask to take a selfie with them - post it on instagram and help share their journey & message, it's a good one.

Check out their instagram DUCHESSRIDE for inspiration and to cheer them on. These girls are pretty damn cool to say the least.

Also check out their website HERE and consider making a donation - no amount is too small - to help support what they are doing for other girls.

Love what you girls are doing!!

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