Fashion Design House Pucci x Skateboards?!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

All images via Emilio Pucci

It's another case of fashion x skateboarding - this time by the the Italian fashion house Emilio Pucci.

Working with art students to re-work some of their archival prints onto skateboard decks, the results are seen above. Cruiser and street decks are available and we have heard there is even a artsy video of this board release that involves a model and some skaters. We will keep our eyes peeled for that in case some female skaters we all know and love are showcased.

No word on the price of each board as of yet, but if past skate x fashion releases are any indication we are guessing at least $750 and up a piece, if it's a limited edition run...  How's that for sticker shock? The boards launch on Monday so we will keep you posted.

What are your thoughts about fashion houses like Chanel & Pucci  producing limited edition skateboards? 

Do you think it's cool, or a fashion faux pas? 


  1. I believe it’s a plus for both fashion and skateboarding when they collaborate. Both are art and both are misunderstood because of perpetuated negative stereotypes.

    I don’t want to live in a world of black or white – I want to live in a world of screaming color so I support supposedly opposite arts embracing each other.

    As for the Emilio Pucci designs I do find them personally pleasing and based on their entire line and pricing I don’t feel the guessed prices are high. Art’s value is based on what the market is willing to pay – so time will show if their pricing is an accurate reflection of their value.

    I believe fashion and skateboard collaborations open doors and minds that would otherwise remain shut – so I look forward to the launch and would love to see more fashion houses create a board.


    1. Love your perspective Jordan - thanks for commenting!! :-) Having a foot in both worlds professionally, I go back and forth on this issue - my only concern is that sometimes fashion latches onto what's "cool", slaps a design on it & has no idea if the components are right and it feels a bit cheesy. We have seen this with surfboards in the past, But I love it when I see companies like Enjoi who already have an established and great product join forces with a fashion house or well known artist in the fashion world for an end product that embraces BOTH worlds in a high quality manner. No word on what components make up these board as of yet. Just my 2 cents, and you know I love discussing fashion x skate so glad we have opened up this conversation! I look forward to seeing you at Exposure next month!! <3

  2. Definitely there are Pros and Cons - but definitely puts the skateboarding in the fashion mainstream as it did in the early 90s - agree with you Cindy sometimes fashion just goes with whats hot -in trend now... however it does bring attention to skateboarding as we all are talking about and young fashionista will jump on the trend and some might love the sport ... We see this with Supreme NYC (est 1994) has so much hype now that its a fashion house don't like seeing the roots authenticity get lost ... my opinion real skaters I don't think will buy this (for skating) but fashion mavens will and put in their office/bedrooms ... I think will definitely will see more of this because now that Leticia Bufoni is will be the face of womens skateboarding as Shaun White did for snowboarding "Game Changers" like gold too Tiger was the game charger in that sport - look at it now every one has up their game/training/marketing xo great topic

  3. Thanks for chiming in Adriana - yes, very good points - I do hope it encourages new girls to get on a board and try it.Someone told me the other day that they bought the first Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word board and still hadn't ridden it as they were hanging it on the wall as art, I immediately told them to take it down and RIDE it - that would make me happier than anything. I like art and skateboarding but I think if fashion houses are going to do an art x skateboard collab - maybe it's just the board,that you can mount on wall as art (I totally get that) no reason to charge huge amounts of money and throw trucks and wheels on it - at that point it needs to be RIDDEN :-)

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