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Friday, October 30, 2015

all images via NannerJunkies

Giving back, we love seeing it happen from female skateboarders in our community.

NannerJunkies (run by pro skater Hunter Long and her boyfriend Ryan) has decided to donate $10 from specific items they sell in their online shop to help fund some of the top women in skateboarding. Items in the shop that support these girls will be marked by a skateboard icon in the top left corner. You can use the drop down menu when checking out to decide which Pro or AM skater girl you'd like the donation to go to.

Skaters you can donate to include: Nicole Hause, Hunter Long, Allysha Bergado,  Jordyn Barratt, Sarah Thompson, Jordan Serpentini and Kody Tamanaha.

The jewelry is top notch and designed in Hawaii By Bonnie Colle of Island Visions Hawaii and is made of silver or gold fill,  as well as precious stones. We just ordered the silver "SK8"  necklace and can't wait to get it!

Such a great way for a pro skater to give back to her skate community - the costs of travel, training, and in some instances gear, is expensive,! These donations help the girls offset those expenses so they can keep competing and doing what they love.

Check out NannerJunkies, place an order for some Christmas gifts, and know you are helping girls in skateboarding as well! 

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