Pro Skateboarder Hunter Long's Secret Vegan Pancake Recipe.

Monday, October 26, 2015

We love when skater girls we know and love, have other passions as well. Pro skateboarder Hunter Long & her boyfriend Ryan (who is a competitive body boarder & extreme hiker)  have started a vegan channel on YouTube called NannerJunkies, sharing their love of being vegan, with recipes like this one for Vegan pancakes. Hunter shows us how she creates this mouth watering breakfast with her secret ingredient, cookie butter.

Don't know what cookie butter is? Neither did we, but watch the video and we swear you'll be running to the store immediately to gather up these simple ingredients to make your own awesome breakfast.

Follow NanerJunkies on YouTube HERE

*You can meet Hunter in person when she comes to California on November 7 to compete in the pro division at Exposure Skate taking place in Encinitas, CA

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