7 yr Old Sky Brown - First Girl To Be On Flow For Dwindle Distribution!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

 instagram video by Stu Braun

So many rad things happening in girls skateboarding lately and here's another ground breaking moment!

We are stoked to announce that our 7 yr old, Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word team rider, Sky Brown is now also on flow for Dwindle Distribution.

Sky becomes the FIRST female skateboarder to be on the Dwindle Distribution flow team. That is pretty ground breaking and rad!!

Check out her latest video where she's  currently riding the recently released,  ALMOST Skateboards, Daewon Song Super Hero Split-Face board.

You can check out Sky this weekend where she will be skating at Exposure Skate in Encinitas, CA - comepting with some of the top skaters in the world.

Congrats Sky!

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