Fame vs Inspiration In Surfing & Skateboarding.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

La Maestra Official Trailer from paul ferraris on Vimeo.

 “I don’t hope to become famous, and I don’t want to be looked at as one of the best surfers,” Mayra said. “I just hope to be an inspiration to girls who want to surf.”

I love the statement  above from surfer Mayra Aguilar, a 29-year-old second-grade teacher who became the first female surfer from her tiny Baja, Mexico, fishing village of 300 people.

It's an excellent reminder that surfing and skateboarding are supposed to be FUN. Contests, money, fame, are fleeting. How you feel after a good session with friends is what you will remember forever. What you do to inspire the next girl to pick up a board is what matters the most. Trust me. The stoke is always the best part...

This women's surf film film is one I have been waiting for since they started raising funds for it a couple years ago - it's playing tonight in Santa Cruz - More details HERE

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