Kryptonics First Female Brand Ambassador.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cruising' on the Krypto pinks - Photo Ian Logan

Rocking the Krypto blues in the 70's - Photo Bruce Hazelton

Thanks so much to everyone at Dwindle & Kryptonics - honored & stoked to be representing the Kryptonics brand again after all these years!

Partial Kryptonics Press Release:

Cindy skated on Kryptonics wheels in her days as a professional vert skateboarder and now has come full circle to once again be riding and represent Kryptonics Star*Trac Wheels. 

“ I am extremely honored to be the first female ambassador for this iconic brand - I rode and loved the wheels back in the day, and am excited to be skating them again now" said Cindy upon being named Kryptonics first female Brand Ambassador. 

In addition to representing Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels at skateboarding events, Cindy will also be promoting Kryptonics through social media and the “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” brand.

In announcing Whiteheads joining the ambassador program, Kryptonics Wheels Brand Director Steve Douglas commented, “I am super stoked to have Cindy be our first Woman’s brand ambassador, Cindy was the perfect candidate, she rode the wheels in the 70’s and again today and is active and a positive voice for women’s skateboarding”

You can see the rest of the Kryptonics press release & photos HERE

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