Longboard Girls Crew in New Commercial!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Check out the Longboard Girls Crew in this new commercial for Bouygues Telecom. It's beautifully filmed, and Eider Walls, Ishtar B├Ącklund, Lyde Begue, Noelia Otegui, Femke Bosma and Valeria Kechichian are ripping all over the south of France.

Directed by Ty Evans (who did the recent "We Are Blood" skate film and Pretty Sweet), the whole commercial is nothing short of perfect. Nice to see an all girls crew being featured in something this big.

Times are changing, and it's not just the boys being featured in mainstream ads and commercials, these days it's rad girls like these,  inspiring other girls to get out and live their dreams.  Huge props to Valeria and Longboard Girls Crew for helping make it happen!

You can read more about the shoot and see lots more photos over at Longboardgirlscrew.com

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