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Friday, December 11, 2015

 Get it HERE

You heard it right, we gave the prototype of the newest Dusters x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word cruiser to Exposure Skate to auction off  - and all proceeds go to Exposure Skate a non-profit 501c3 that helps girl in skateboarding.

This is your only chance to get this new Dusters x GN4LW  "It's NOT About Pretty" cruiser before it comes out in 2016. That means the winner will have the signed, prototype version (only one in existence at present time) before I do!

Bidding ends on Saturday at 1:00 PM  so get over to the Ebay auction now and place yours!  Makes a great holiday gift for that special skater girl in your life or for a skateboard collector!

Ebay Auction is ---->  HERE


* Dusters California x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word “It’s Not About Pretty” board signed personally by it’s designer & 70's pro vert skater Cindy Whitehead.
* It’s a GN4LW board with a message that being just “pretty” isn’t what we should strive for.
* This board is the first of the run and the only one in existence.
* 8.75 x 29 / 15″ wheelbase
* Custom leopard print griptape
* Metallic Gold print & rails
* Slant 5.0 trucks in gold.
-1/8 riser pads
-metallic gold swirled 62mm x 51mm 83A wheels

And here is another gift if you win!  If you email me after winning the auction at we will send you a surprise package from our HQ as well!

Good luck and happy bidding!


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