11 Year Old Skateboarder Brighton Zeuner Is Turning Pro.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Brighton on the huge vert ramp at Exposure Skate / Photo Ian Logan for GN4LW
Brighton taking the 14 and under bowl comp at Exposure Skate / Photo Ian Logan for GN4LW
Brighton on the red carpet at the Eddie Elguera OG Classic with OG skaters Cindy Whitehead and Dennis Martinez

The Vans Girls Combi contest is already full of awesome surprises and things to look forward to, and it hasn't even started yet!

We just heard that eleven year old skateboarder Brighton Zeuner will be turning pro on Saturday. Brighton has dominated the 14 and under contest scene this past year and is the current 2015 World Cup Champion in bowl for her age division. She was recently added to the flow team for Vans which is a huge deal as well. Brighton is also currently starring in the 7th season of Camp Woodward. To say she is busy and training hard, is an understatement. Oh yeah, and then there is school as well...

We caught up with Brighton at Vans Combi tonight to ask her a few questions about her decision. It's a huge step because once you turn pro you can not regain your amateur status. We also believe that Brighton is perhaps the youngest girl to ever turn pro. The only other girl that comes to mind that is even close in age, is Alana Smith at age 12.  So this is a big deal to say the least.

Brighton, what made you decide to turn pro? 

I decided to go Pro because I wanted to step up my game. I competed in 3 pro/ams in 2015 and did pretty well. But the one thing I really noticed is that I worked harder getting ready for those contests (mentally and physically). My thinking was that it would help my progression. And progression feels really good.

What are you looking forward to most about being on the pro circuit this coming year? 

 I'm most excited about having to work my way up and having to prove myself. To work to gain respect from the girls I really look up to as skaters. That motivates me and it's fun skating with them.

Progression in girls skateboarding is key, so we know that Saturday's contest is going to be awesome, one of the best years for Girls Combi yet by the sound of things, and we can't wait to see Brighton skate!

Vans will have a highlight video on their site after the comp so stay tuned to see all the girls in action!

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