Julz Lynn Skateboards Has Launched!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

 All images via Julz Lynn Inc.

Ever since pro skateboarder Julz Lynn announced that she was leaving long time sponsor Silly Girl, to start her own skateboard brand, people have asked, wondered, and speculated, as to what it would look like...  At the Vans Girls Combi all was revealed and it was totally badass, just like Julz.

The artwork is definetly Julz - four different designs to choose from -  Anchor Cross, Sacred G, Julz, and Pyramids. The artwork is found on her boards, tee's, sweatshirts, hats and everything also comes in kid friendly sizing - even the skate decks.

Well worth the wait, Julz Skateboards is up and running and looking good!

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