Skateboarder Brighton Zeuner in The New Season of "Camp Woodward".

Friday, January 8, 2016

Brighton Zeuner filming for the 7th season of Camp Woodward / Photo via Camp Woodward

Camp Woodward is back!  You may have seen the Camp Woodward TV series on Fuel TV in the past, but the non-scripted series is back and fresher than ever, and you can access it anytime you like on Camp Woodward's Youtube Channel.

Thirty two episodes in total will air, with the first FOUR episodes kicking off on January 11th, 2015

Brighton, Damonte, Zepp & Jack / Photos via Camp Woodward

For the 7th season the show follows four campers,  Eleven year old skateboarding phenom Brighton Zeuner (who is the first girl to be featured on the Camp Woodward TV series) and her brother Jack Zeuner who is a skater and awesome filmmaker who live in Encinitas, California. Zepp Hayes, a skateboarder and music sensation from Australia, and fifteen year old street skater and all around great kid,  Damonte Tillman from South Central, Los Angeles.

Damonte in front of the camera / Photo via Camp Woodward
Zepp during filming / Photo via Camp Woodward

The show follows these four talented kids for two weeks while they pursue their passions and have the best summer of their lives at "The Ultimate Summer Camp".  Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania is the largest sleep-away action sports, digital media, gymnastics and cheer camp in the world.

We had a chance to do a short interview with Brighton and Jack before the series airs and this is what they had to say about their experience filming the show, and some hints at surprises you will want to catch throughout the season.

Brighton skating the vert ramp during filming / Photo via Camp Woodward

Brighton, what was your favorite part about filming?

There were a lot of activities to do, it was my first time camping on my own, and skating at Woodward was amazing!

You were in an all girls cabin - how was that?

I thought I might be in a whole cabin of gymnasts, and maybe they wouldn't relate to skateboarding that much, but my cabin was all girl skaters and the gymnasts were next door and they were cool and fun to hang out with.

Any fun things you did that will be in the upcoming episodes?

It was funny when I tried to do wake-boarding... that was kind of a fail for me, but everything was fun.  I also loved riding the mega ramp, it's scary at first but really fun.

What surprises should we look out for in the upcoming episodes - any hints you can give us?

There were a lot of funny moments, the skating is awesome, and there are some surprise visits from female pro skaters too. You should watch all the episodes because it's going to be awesome!

Jack filming a skater while the cameras roll / Photo via Camp Woodward

Jack, what was filming the series like for you since you are a skater and filmer yourself?

I wasn't skating too much because I broke my back before we went there so you'll mainly see me rolling around and filming everyone a  lot. It was a cool experience  because I've never gotten to do something like that before.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

It was cool that they had all the imacs there so I could edit on a bigger screen too, because I usually edit on my laptop, and they had all the editing software, and I could borrow some of the cameras too, and go out shooting.

What was your cabin like?

My cabin had a lot of people in it I kind of knew, so you'll see Quincy our counselor having to put up with all of us.

Any favorite things that happened during filming we should look out for in the upcoming episodes?

Everyone's video premieres and when we go Go Karting.

Last words?

I'm excited to see how it turns out!

Make sure you tune in this Monday, January 11 to watch the first FOUR episodes, back to back, of CAMP WOODWARD!  ---->  HERE

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