Who's Rad? Vianez Morales.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Photo Heidi Lemmon

She rides like she isn't afraid of anything, fast and determined. She reminds us a bit of Julz Lynn. Fearless. Watching 10 year old Vianez Morales skate at Venice Skatepark is like being back in the 70's and seeing skateboarding at it's purest. She doesn't think about "contest lines", points and what scores big with the judges - she just skates. She picks each run based on how she feels at that moment and executes trick after trick, back to back, so well that it just all flows together. Then you stop and take a look at the video you shot and realize the line she just put together was totally sick!  We hope you enjoy getting to know Vianez.

Who's Rad?       Vianez M. Morales

Age?     10

Home is?       Luquillo, PR

Home Park or Skate spot is?       Backyard skatepark

How Long Have You Been Skateboarding?      4 years

What do you enjoy most about skateboarding?

Meeting people from different places in the world.

Photo Heidi Lemmon

Tell us about your board set up – what brand of deck, wheels, trucks? 

 I ride with Salt Rags skateboard decks, independent trucks, spitfire wheels

Favorite music to skate to?            Katy Perry

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU:

Letica Bufoni, Samaria Brevard, and Lacey Baker

Vianez having fun at her fav park / Photo Heidi Lemmon

 Favorite place you've ever skated?      

Venice Beach Skatepark

Vianez at Venice Skatepark / Photo Heidi Lemmon

Tell us about some recent contests you have been in?    

 Makaha Bowl Jam 2015

Vianez killing it on the stairs during Ladies Day at the Berrics / Photo Heidi Lemmon

You were at Ladies Day at the Berrics – how was that to be around so many girls who skate? 

Really fun because all the girls ride street like me.

Vianez with Sky at the photo shoot for #ShePlaysWeWin - photo by Christin Rose

You also did your first big shoot with photographer Christin Rose for her project “She Plays We Win” and you got to skate with your friend Sky Brown from Japan – tell us what the photo shoot was like?

Really cool because Sky is a cool skater and we both love to skate the same things.

Favorite Trick or maneuver?     

Early grab


Salt Rags
Mom and dad.

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I love Micheal Jackson
2. I love to surf
3. i love art (painting, drawing, etc..)

What’s Next?

Kick flips and 50-50 on a rail or box.

Make sure you follow Vianez:

on  instagram @vianezsk8
and Vianez M. Morales on  facebook

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