9 Stunning Photos of Poppy & Lizzie Competing In Australia.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

 Photos by Joanne Barratt

Pro skaters Lizzie Armanto (USA) and Poppy Starr Olsen (AU), were invited to compete in the men's pro division at the Australian Bowl Riding Championships this past weekend and they both killed it!  Both girls flew through the prelims and onto the next days semi-finals and their runs were amazing - back to back tricks, amazing height, and flawless style. They didn't make the finals on Sunday afternoon but they did come in 15th (Lizzie)  & 16th (Poppy) out of 32 skaters competing, and this once again proves to the world that that female skaters can compete with the guys and hold their own.

 Thanks to Joanne Barratt for taking all the great photos for us, and a BIG thanks to Grundy's Australian Bowl Championships and their PR teams for accommodating all our requests and allowing us to host the live feed on our site yesterday! 

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