Grundy's Australian Bowl-Riding Championships - Girls Comp.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jade Perry
Sari Simpson
Kasia Wernick
Gracie Earl
Ava Godfrey
Gemma Balkin
Izy Mutu
Ruby Trew
Charlotte Heath
Jordyn Barratt
Poppy Starr Olsen

There was a seriously great turn out of girls for the 2016 Australian Bowl Riding Championships in Newcastle, AU this past weekend. All the girls skated hard, dominating the huge bowl, with most of the skaters using the shallow and the deep, to show off numerous tricks.

The live feed that Grundy's ABC let us host here on our site was great for those of us who couldn't be there in person, so we could see girls we know personally from comps here in California,  like Poppy, Jordyn, Izy, and Ruby, and finally watch the other rad girls we know via instagram compete as well.

There were a lot of great runs from all the girls and it was exciting to watch Poppy and Jordyn who  were skating hard and throwing down trick after trick.  Jordyn was leading going into the finals but Poppy then took the lead and edged Jordyn out for the win. Sari Simpson charged hard and came in 3rd and Jade Perry, who was also a blast to watch skate, came in 4th.


Poppy Starr Olsen - 1st place
Jordyn Barratt - 2nd place
Sari Simpson - 3rd place
Jade Perry - 4th place

Thanks to Joanne Barratt for taking all the great photos for us, and a BIG thanks to Grundy's Australian Bowl Championships and their PR teams for accommodating all our requests and allowing us to host the live feed on our site this past weekend! 

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  1. I like playing this sport but my mother does not allow me.


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