Jordyn Barratt Talks Skate & Surf Fashion In Girls Life Mag.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

 Via Girls Life Magazine   /  Photos of Jordyn by Joanne Barratt

We're stoked to see skater/surfer Jordyn Barratt featured in a four page spread in the June/July issue of GIRLS LIFE Magazine, available now on newsstands everywhere - we got our copy today at Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

Jordyn talks about skate & surf fashion, what items are the best for performance in each sport, and gives young girls some of the best advice ever:

"My most important style tip though, has nothing to do with fashion. Whether you're surfing or skating or whatever, you're going to get knocked down a lot. (I fall way more than I land.) But as long as you get back up, you'll eventually get it right - and that's the best feeling in the world. My motto? Fall down nine times, get back up 10"

Great advice Jordyn!

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