Longboarder Cindy Zhou's Ms. Monthly Column On Skate Slate.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

One of our favorite spots to cruise on the internet for female skateboard coverage is Skate Slate's MS. MONTHLY column written by longboarder Cindy Zhou. It's an insanely great roundup of of what's been happening in the world of women and skateboarding for the previous month.

Cindy covers everything from longboarding and downhill,  to vert and street, contests and videos, to gorgeous photos, and personal road trips. It's hands down, the best cross section recap of what's been happening we have seen.

We're giving you a peek at the March edition of Ms. Monthly above, but keep your eyes open and bookmark Skate Slate's site to read the rest, and catch Cindy's  roundup for April - which should be up soon.

While you're checking out the March edition, make sure you watch the video WANDERLOST a short film by Cindy Zhou and Jenna Russo that was filmed on a road trip they did through Australia. Beautiful scenery, rad skating, and fun moments that will make you start planning that road trip with your best friend that you've been talking about forever...

Huge shout out to Skate Slate for being a skateboarding site that encourages, and promotes women in the sport, every single month. 

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  1. Awesome! Thanks GN4LW and Cindy Whitehead. Stoked to see Skate Slate connecting with all these awesome ladies. Cindy Zhou rocks!


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