The 2 Confirmed Wild Card Athletes For X-Games Street - Austin!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Aori Nishimura

Jennifer Soto
Savannah Headden / Photo Monique O'Toole

Skate Like a Girl threw it's annual Wheels of Fortune event in Seattle this weekend, and this time there was a huge twist. Besides the event getting bigger and bigger each year, this year the girls who competed in the street comp were vying for two wild card slots for the X-Games in Austin-  thanks to the WSA

Girls came from all over for a chance to secure a spot - Russia, Japan, Brazil - you name it they came.

It's nice to see just how many girls are seriously killing it all over the world. Southern California may have been the epicenter of skateboarding in the 70's, but with the advance of social media we are seeing more and more girls from all over the world charging hard, and skating at the intense competitive level (and lots of times beyond) of what we are seeing here in California.

Women's street results from today's Wheels of Fortune event:

Alexis Sablone 1st
Aori Nishimura 2nd
Lacey Baker 3rd
Jennifer Soto 4th
Savannah Headden 5th

Huge congrats to Jen Soto & Aori Nishimura from Japan - these two girls are now going to the X-Games Austin June 2-5, 2016.   And congrats to Savannah Headden who is also going as an alternate! So rad!!

Full list of confirmed X-Games Austin Women's Street Athletes

Lacey Baker
Samarria Brevard
Julia Brueckler
Leticia Bufoni
Mariah Duran
Candy Jacobs
Pamela Rosa
Alexis Sablone
Alana Smith
Vanessa Torres
Aori Nishimura
Jennifer Soto
Savannah Headden - Alternate

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