Watch The Women's Street & Park Finals From X-Games Austin!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

                    Photo by CA Productions via instagram

Amelia Brodka, Brighton Zeuner, and Hunter Long were the first athletes to check in at the X-Games Athlete Center on Monday.

The girls have all headed out to Austin, Texas to get ready for their practice sessions at the X-Games. And we are stoked to say that you'll be able to watch the finals of both women's street and women's park, even if you can't make it to Austin to see them in person!

Scroll down for all the info on TV viewing times.

Invited X-Games Women's athletes are:

Women's Street:

Lacey Baker
Samarria Brevard
Julia Brueckler
Leticia Bufoni
Mariah Duran
Candy Jacobs
Pamela Rosa
Alexis Sablone
Alana Smith
Vanessa Torres
Aori Nishimura
Jennifer Soto

Savannah Headden - Alternate
Meagan Guy - Alternate

Women's Park:

Lizzie Armanto
Allysha Le (Beragdo)
Julz Lynn
Poppy Starr Olsen
Alana Smith
Nora Vasconcellos
Amelia Brodka
Hunter Long
Brighton Zeuner 
Kisa Nakamura
Arianna Carmona
Nicole Hause

Jordyn Barratt - Alternate
Dora Varella - Alternate

Tune in  to see the women's street finals and women's park finals from X-Games Austin.

Here's the TV schedule info:

Women's Street Finals 
Saturday 12:00 PM  - 3:30 PM  EST    / 9 AM PST
Channel ABC - check your local listings for channel number

Women's Park Finals
Saturday 4:00 PM -6:00  PM EST   / 1 PM PST
On ESPN3 - this is an online viewing site

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