Weekends Are Meant For Soul Skating.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Advice:

Trespass to find that secret spot, climb a fence and bail that empty backyard pool, take a risk, have an adventure.

Skateboarding didn't start in a skatepark.
Find the place that fuels your stoke.
This weekend pretend it's the 70's and be a true SOUL SKATER.
Skate for the LOVE of it.

Hell yes to this pic of our rad GN4LW brand ambassador Elise Crigar for always fueling her stoke, no matter where it takes her. 

Check out our online store shopgirlisnota4letterword.com  for more of our vintage "It's Not About Pretty" flannels like the one Elise is wearing.

Besides looking badass, they also come in handy to throw across the top of fences to protect you from the sharp wire... 

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