A Well Known OG Skate Brand Being Sold at Forever 21? Crazy!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Tee $15.90
Sports Bra $12.90   / Shorts  $12.90
Tote Bag  $4.90
Long Bra Top $12.90

Socks $3.90

Hats $9.90

Wow!  Ran across this totally OG skate apparel line being sold at Forever 21 today.  Vision Street Wear was huge in the 1980's with it's  iconic and very large, red, white and black logos, on apparel  and boards. Pro riders for the brand during that era were guys like Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, Tas Pappas, Duane Peters and Mark "Gator" Rogowski.

We've seen the brand making a visible come back in recent years in high end stores like Far Fetch, and Opening Ceremony, and via it's shoe collab with Swear,  and now it looks like it's making a very mainstream comeback in a mall near you.

Between F21online, and in the F21 stores, it looks like they have licensed the Vision logo and designs for numerous pieces of women's apparel and accessories. From ball caps, socks, and tote bags, to sports bras, body hugging shorts, crop tops, and boxy tees, it's all here.  So if you're looking for a retro, fun graphic, now is your chance to grab "semi-vintage" style skate pieces at those dirt cheap Forever 21 prices.

You can see/order most of the Vision Street Wear x Forever 21 collection HERE

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  1. Um , I don't know what to think of that having grown up with that brand .
    FYI , they were only going from like 84 - 94ish .


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