Female X-Games Skateboarders in New Music Video.

Monday, June 20, 2016

We've got CARRICK's new music video "WILD CHILD" featuring skater girls Brighton Zeuner, Jordyn Barratt, Bryce Wettstein and Spencer Breaux. Fun video that was shot earlier this year with Spencer, Bryce, Jordyn and Brighton skating and having fun throughout LA.

Brighton and Jordyn were just in Austin, Texas competing in Women's Park at the X-Games where Brighton was the youngest female athlete to ever  compete in the Summer X-Games, and Jordyn Barratt went from coming into the comp as an alternate, to making podium and taking home the bronze!

Check out the "Behind the Scenes" video below for more on how the shoot days went!

Congrats girls!


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  2. love this video!! ����


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