Longboard Girls Featured In Red Hot Chili Peppers Video.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

If there was ever more of a reason to have #squadgoals it would be this.

Longboarders Amanda Powell​, Carmen Sutra,​ Noelle Mulligan, and Amanda Caloia are prominently featured  in the premier of the Red Hot Chili Peppers music video for their new album "Dark Necessities", which was directed by Olivia Wilde.

We love that they picked girls who really skate (and kick ass) and shot at some iconic Los Angeles locations. These girls are super badass in real life, and they captured that same essence in the video. This has to be the best music video featuring female skaters we have seen!

Huge congrats to Amanda P., Carmen, Noelle, and Amanda C.

Check out What Rolling Stone had to say about these skaters ----------->  HERE


  1. Perfect duo badass plus I didn't Olivia Wilde is a director!!!

  2. Cool I'm an old disabled uk guy but seeing these skaters roll brightened my day. About time skating got back to gender not mattering


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