Results From X-Games Women's Park & Street Comps.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Women's Park Podium    /   Photo via The Alliance - WSA

Lizzie Armanto   /   Photo Alex.434 via instagram
Kisa nakamura    /  Photo Exposure Skate

Poppy Starr Olsen   / Photo via Thomas Olsen

Jordyn Barratt   /   Photo Joanne Barratt
Gold Medalist Kisa Nakamura  / Photo Trevor Brown Jr.

The women's Park event was pushed back a bit due to rain (what else seems to be new in Austin this week?) so the girls were having to hang out and wait. And we were waiting here at home glued to our computer screens to catch the girls on but unfortunately they never aired it due to rain delays.  WTF?!  Luckily competitor Lizzie Armanto used her cell phone to do a live feed for people on her Facebook page so if you were lucky enough to see that you caught some of the action. 

This was the very first X-Games for many of the skaters and we think they put on an amazing show . At eleven years old Brighton Zeuner was the youngest female summer X-Games athlete in history, Poppy Starr Olsen was the first Australian skateboard athlete in the X-Games - and celebrated her 16th birthday at the X-Games,  & Hunter Long was the first Hawaiian athlete in the X-Games - these girls are making history!

Kisa Nakamura took Gold with super solid runs, Lizzie Armanto took home the Silver , and Jordyn Barrat took Bronze!

Probably the biggest news from the event was watching Jordyn Barratt, who up until 2 days ago was slated as an alternate, but was put in to sub for Alana Smith who sprained her ankle in practice, fully charge her runs and make the podium - how's that for a Cinderella story?   Good going Jordyn!

Full Results X-Games Women's Park

1st       Kisa Nakamura 
2nd     Lizzie Armanto
3rd      Jordyn Barratt
4th      Brighton Zeuner
5th      Allysha Bergado
6th      Hunter Long
7th      Nora Vasconcellos
8th      Julz Lynn
9th      Poppy Starr Olsen
10th    Nicole Hause
11th    Arianna Carmona
12th    Amelia Brodka

Congrats girls!!

Pamela Rosa  / Photo Tedesco

Pamela Rosa   /  Photo Clark Terrell

Podium Women's Street   / Via the Alliance - WSA

It was a wet one for the women competing in street this morning at the X-Games. The comp got started and then drops of rain started to fall, softly at first, then the sky opened up soaking the course. After a bit of a rain delay and a lot of mopping up and using the blow packs, the girls were able to get back to the comp. Hard to jump right back in after waiting for a rain delay, but all the girls rallied and pulled it off.

It was nice to see some new faces competing, like Savannah Haedden, who was slated a an alternate, but ended up competing in her first X-Games, due to Alana Smith spraining her ankle in practice a couple days before, and Aori Nishimura all the way from Japan.

Sixteen year old Brazilian skater, Pamela Rosa, took home her second gold medal in back to back X-Games, winning her the cheers of the crowd and her mom crying tears of joy when her daughter won. Mariah Duran took the silver medal with some great runs - she has been looking great at comps lately and it was nice to see her on the podium. Bronze went to Lacey Baker who is no stranger to the X-Games and showed like always, that when the competition gets tough, she has nerves of steel and pulls off a great run.

Full Results X-Games Women's Street

1st       Pamela Rosa
2nd      Mariah Duran
3rd       Lacey Baker
4th       Candy Jacobs
5th       Samarria Brevard
6th       Alexis Sablone
7th       Leticia Bufoni
8th       Aori Nishimura
9th       Vanessa Torres
10th     Julia Brueckler
11th     Savannah Headden
12th     Jennifer Soto

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