Another Female skateboarder Carries the Olympic Torch In Brazil.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Via Reine Oliveira's instagram

Yet another female skateboarder carries/skates the Olympic torch through the streets of Brazil!  Brazil is killing it with skateboarders be torchbearers - and not just skateboarders, FEMALE skateboarders. That's THREE now.

You can see who the other two girls have been in this post we did a few weeks ago HERE

Reine Oliveira is a pro downhill skateboarder form Brazil whose sponsors included Abec Wheels, Mission Skate Shop, and Sector 9 Skateboards and more. She was decked out in the colors of Brazil with red sneakers for her skate through the streets with the torch, and smiling big time!

Here's a loose translation of what she had to say about this moment in her Instagram post;

"Carrying the Olympic Torch in the north of São Paulo !!! Where I was born and the birth of my story on a skateboard. I as a professional, could not pass up this opportunity to represent downhill skateboarding !!! Despite all the political problems of our country believe that sport opens doors to a better world."

We can only wonder if Leticia Bufoni  & Pamela Rosa will be up next....

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