Hanna Zanzi Comes Out Hiatus To Win the Women's Vans Park Series.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hanna Zanzi
Lizzie Armanto
Jordyn Barratt

You gotta see this run!! Hanna Zanzi - 1st place

All images via Vans

It's been 7 years since Hanna Zanzi has really competed, but today she showed she is back for good when she blazed through a field of top contenders on the women's pro skate circuit to take 1st place at the Vans Park series in Huntington Beach. This is like nothing we have ever seen, she came in, skated hard and fast, made drops and tricks that seemed impossible at times, and smiled her entire way through each run. Even with the pressure on, it was just like another day at the park for Hanna and she seriously KILLED it!

“This means the world to me. I skate every day and I skate my heart out. I skate so I can compete and so I can motivate all the other people out there. I’m back, and I’m so stoked.”

–Hanna Zanzi, First Place Winner Vans Park Series Women’s Global Qualifier

Lizzie Armanto looked solid and cool as always, skating her way into second place. 17 year old Jordyn Barratt, who just turned pro earlier this year, has been on a roll - starting with her Bronze medal at the X-Games in Austin, to 2nd place last weekend at Supergirl Pro, to a big 3rd place finish in a tough group of skaters today.

Looks like the finals in Sweden are going to be amazing to watch!

Vans Park Series Huntington Beach Global Qualifier Women's Results

1st – Hanna Zanzi
2nd – Lizzie Armanto
3rd – Jordyn Barratt
4th – Brighton Zeuner
5th – Nora Vasconcellos
6th – Allysha Le
7th – Julz Lynn
8th – Bryce Wettstein
9th – Yndiara Asp
10th – Nicole Hause

The top 10 Women Challengers to emerge from the HB Global Qualifier will travel to Malmö, Sweden this August for the International Skateboard Federation-sanctioned inaugural Womens “park terrain” World Championships.

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