Poseiden Foundation x LA Girls Skate Sesh At The Skate House.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

On left Haley,  Kelly in middle & Esther on the right

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This is what girls skateboarding looks like all over the country. Girls are skating everywhere, not just at the bigger contests you see on the web cast events or on TV, but at local skateparks with grass roots events that draw girls from as far away as 3 hours or more, for the opportunity to finally skate with other girls all day long.

Poseiden Foundation x LA Girls Skate Sesh event today at The Skate House in Chatsworth was one of those events. Girls came from Bakersfield, Palmdale, Ventura, and other outlying areas,  to have a six hour skate sesh with girls they may have only known from their instagram feeds. There were prizes throughout the day and contests for street and half-pipe. Tips were shared and each girl encouraged another.

We love seeing these grass roots events happen - so please let us know about any events coming up so we can share the info. Lets keep girls skateboarding growing!

Thanks to  Poseiden Foundation,  LA Girls Skate Sesh, and The Skate House for a great event!

* We also need help posting girls names with pics above - let us know on instagram who they are!

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