Pics From The Women's Event At The Vans Park Series Championships.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Brighton Zeuner

Jordyn Barratt
Kisa Nakamura
Allysha Le
Yndiara Asp
Nicole Hause

 Photos by Joanne Barratt - please feel free to share on your social media but make sure you credit @joannebarratt_photo - thank you!

We're starting to get in some pics from photographer Joanne Barratt who shot for us at the Vans Park Series Championships in Malmo, Sweden today, and here's a taste of what's to come...

We can't wait to see more!

Congrats to all the girls for skating hard and tearing it up. If you want to catch the video of Julz doing that insane drop in,  see our previous posts. CRAZY!

Huge thanks to Vans and The Boardr for an amazing event!

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