Skate Shots From The Poseiden Foundation x LA Girls Skate Sesh!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

                                                        Photos by Heidi Lemmon

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This weekends session at The Skate House, brought to you by Poseiden Foundation x LA Girls Skate Sesh, was going off!  Girls were pushing one another to do harder and harder tricks and were genuinely stoked for one another when someone landed something they had been trying.  Even during the contest portion, every single girl was encouraging another to make their trick - super nice to see. We saw a lot of rail slides, jumping the 4-stair, kick-flips, and even some 1/2 pipe riding.

Huge thanks to Poseiden Foundation for putting this on, LA Girls Skate Sesh for gathering the girls, and The Skate House for the venue. And BIG thanks to photographer Heidi Lemmon for donating her time to shoot on Saturday!

Everyone working together to support girls skateboarding is helping to create more and more  opportunities and events for girls everywhere.

Keep Shredding!

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