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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Artist rendering of what skateboarding venue will look like in Tokyo

Today is the day a lot of us have been waiting for and yes, skateboarding and surfing (along with karate, rock climbing and baseball/softball) are being included in the 2020 games in Tokyo!

This ruling by the IOC is ONLY for the 2020 Olympic Games  - the decision does NOT bind the IOC to continue to keep any of these sports in their program past that point.

Skateboarding will be street and park and consist of 80 athletes total between the two events. Surfing will consist of 40 athletes total. The events will be housed in a temporary urban cluster near the waterfront, walking distance from where sports like Volleyball will be held. 

It's a historic day for surfing and skateboarding! 

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  1. Everyone just needs to keep in mind that skateboarding does not need the Olympics. It's the Olympics that need skateboarding.


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